Panmure Historical Hotel

Wilkinson Builders & Construction were the main contractors during the demolition and refurbishment of my bar in 2007.
I must say that I was very impressed with Richard Wilkinson and the various teams of professionals employed by him in terms of the quality of work carried out and also their willingness to listen to the client and be prepared to make subtle changes where necessary.
During the project we had demolition guys, carpenters, plasterers, painters, electricians to name but a few, and at no time were there any issues with Richard and his team. Certainly there were anomalies along the way; however these issues were always dealt with promptly and in a professional manner.
Like any project such as this there were strict guidelines and timeframes which had to be adhered to and met, and on each occasion Richard and his team fulfilled their obligations.
I was delighted with the end product, the bar looked fantastic, and the quality of workmanship is evident to this day as the bar still looks brand new. Richard kept in contact with me several months after the project had been completed as invariably there are little “touch ups” to be carried out and without hesitation Richard was onsite and resolved any issues that may have been present.
I would have absolutely have no hesitation in recommending Richard Wilkinson and his team in any future construction projects in the future and I am more than happy to be contacted should you require any further information.
Stephen D'Arcy
General Manager